Some of our hottest piercings lately

Photo shoots for the month

Alisha B.          Daith Piercing


Alexis B.          Dermal Gem Upgrade


Alice K.            Tragus Piercing


Allison W.         Dermal Anchor


Ashley R.          Septum Piercing


Sage A.             Dimple Piercings


Carryn F.          Spiderbite Piercings


Katie Y.            Marilyn Piercing


Jamie T.            Plugs


Angi E.              Conch Piercing


Candy Cane       Nipples 18 AND OVER!


Courtney S.       Septum Piercing


Michelle L.        Industrial Piercing


Zach R.             Tongue Piercings


Mayra J.            Navel Piercing


Stephan Y.         Plugs


Kimo Therapy    Lip Change


Kelsey M.          Vertical Lip Piercing


Carah B.            Back Dimples


Kristal K.           Dermal Anchors


Lori L.              Tragus Piercings


A Statement From
Tommy T






































Here you will see the unique training expertise and  high standard of quality at Tommy T's Body Piercing


  Always keep medical Grade Jewelry in permanently


super sleek  lookin spectacular Alexis!  Pretty Pretty Purple 
What a knockout! You can't say no to that face!  Super cute!
check me out!

Come take a peek! Ouch!
She's super her new piercing! We have a celebrity here!
Such a cutie!
Come take a look a my industrial! Check out my trio! She might look naked, but she does have a shirt on...
Check out my painful plugs! You wanna fight about it? You know you can't say no to that smile..come see what she got pierced!
She's gonna be breaking hearts with that smile and those new dimple piercings! Maybe blondes do have more fun..and possibly more piercings! Take a peek at her new piercings!

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