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Opened in October 1991 Tommy T's has pierced more people than any other shop in Southern California. The last time we did a piercing count was in 2005 and at that time we had pierced over 250,000 people. We have continually educated ourselves.  Tommy continues to take classes at UCSD to further his education in Occupational Safety and Health.

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Name: Stephanie P.
Location: HB, CA
Comments: Tommy T's is super legit

All my friends get pierced at Tommy T's, so I knew I could trust them. The piercing was easy and I wasn't all that scared. It was chill the people were friendly. I trust the quality of the jewelry because I know they only use the best.

Name: Christina I..
Location: Santa ana, CA
Comments: Hip Piercing

i went to tommy t's to get a surface barbell on my hip. i do a lot of workouts so i needed something that could not be yanked out easily or snagged on clothing. i picked out flat discs, and if i ever get bored with it i could always come back and choose one of the many gemstones. a girl has to have a little sparkle! this place was crazy clean and i always get my piercings here. my christina healed perfectly and i never have any problems here!

Name: Bailey Booher
Location: Fullerton, CA
Comments: Dermal Piercing

So I'm on Spring Break and I thought I should do something adventurous! So why not get my finger pierced. I wanted to be original and I have only seen one person that had it, so it was definitely on my to do list. When my friends and I came out from Indiana to California. We were planning on going to Florida, but we heard about Tommy T's and figured Soring Break in Huntington Beach would be amazing. We hoped on the next flight and our first stop was Tommy T's! Everyone there is totally cool. I thought I was going to be really nervous, but their shop is really sterile and I have heard nothing but great things, so I had nothing to worry about. The piercing didn't hurt at all, just a little pinch and it looks freakin' sweet! You should definitely check out Tommy T's no matter where you are in the country...the $400 plane ticket was worth it!!!

Name: kelseeyjaay
Location: Fountain Valley, CA
Comments: Highly Recommended

A lot of people we know go there and recommended I take my daughter there to get her nose pierced. It was a good experience. It was very clean and the piercer's had a lot of information to offer about the process and the pricing was very reasonable. If my daughter can convince me to let her get her navel pierced we will go back to Tommy T's for sure.

Name: Dolly Roger
Location: Costa Mesa, CA
Comments: Septum Piercing

I've had my septum, sternum surface piercing, and both nipples done there...and counting. It's really easy to find the right jewelry there and the appropriate piercing for your body. Really friendly, clean and I feel comfortable. The piercer's are very open to answering questions. Next on the agenda is to repierce my belly button...and of course some others.

 Name:         Jes


Date:  5-11-11


Tommy Ts was amazing! If there's any place to get pierced, its at Tommy's! Everyone was so nice and professional. I'm in love with my

belly button piercing and couldn't be happier(:

Name: Fred Von Voigt
Date: 9-14-11

A young white woman with dermals pierced me, sorry I dont remember your name. You did two dermals on my forearm (to celebrate me getting clean). Its been almost 5 months give or take. I wanted to say thank you for being so professional and giving me something that has true meaning for me. Take care.

Name: Anonymous
Date: n/a

I got my first body piercing here, my belly button. It was quite amazing, the whole place is great. I have since gotten my nose pierced here and have gone in to have my piercings changed and

checked on. The overall place is amazing, clean, the piercers are nice, wide selection of jewelry and are very informative.

Name: Stephanie Sharp
Date: 12-19-11

This is the best place to go. I have gotten my belly button pierced here, and my tongue. Almost 80% of my friends have gone here for thier piercings as well. I highly recommend it! They always

do such a great job and make you feel very comfortable. Clean environment as well! Coming soon i'm giong back again for a lip piercing, i wouldn't go anywhere else.



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