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Steps for Sea Salt Soaking and trouble shooting

1.       First buy Natural Sea salt bag of cotton balls and q-tips

2.       Mix 1/8th teaspoon sea salt with 8 ounces of water

3.       Drop cotton ball in mixture

4.       Apply saturated cotton ball to piercing and let soak 10 minutes.

5.       Throw cotton ball in trash.

6.       Wet q-tip with sea salt soak solution

7.       Gently rub wet q-tip around piercing holes.

8.       Vigorously rub q-tip between post and ends of jewelry. You want to remove all dead tissue, oils and dried blood that build up between the post and the balls on the jewelry.

9.       Gently rub wet q-tip on other parts of the jewelry.

The idea behind the sea salt soak is to saturate the oils, skin, blood cells etc that build up around the outside of the wound and on the jewelry.  By doing so, you clean the jewelry and the wound. If the wound is clean and you have implant grade jewelry in, then your wound will heal easily.

Iím still having a problem!

Ok so you have implant grade jewelry in. You have been doing the sea salt soak once a day. And you are still having a problem with your piercing. You may just need more time for your skin to heal or something else may be causing your problem.

1.       Your body reacts to a mass just as much as a substance. What does that mean? Well if the jewelry is implant grade then your body wonít react to the substance. However, your body does detect foreign objects and is designed to protect you from them. Ok so this is a bit confusing.  For example, if you get a splinter in your hand your body may detect something hard is there. So it will try to either encapsulate it or push it out of your body. What we are trying to do is trick your body into keeping something in it that it is designed to get rid of.  So how do we do that?

2.       Do not touch your jewelry or play with it. By touching it you are pushing the metal against the wound and are activating the rejection process. Also by touching it you will irritate the cells that are trying to heal. When you irritate the cells they start to fill up with white blood cells.  And every time you touch your wound you infect it with germs, bacteria, etc. Once your body has detected the jewelry in you it is harder to restart the healing process.

3.       Do not use skin oils or make up at all! That means no makeup. You have natural oils on your skin that act as a vehicle to transport makeup into the wound. If you put on makeup the skin oils will move it into your wound and on the jewelry. Once makeup is on the jewelry you skins cells will react to it. At that point, the implant grade jewelry becomes ineffective.

4.       Sometimes people do things in their sleep that they are unaware of. This can be a problem for healing a wound. Try not to sleep on or touch the wound while sleeping. If you do, clean it first thing in the am. If it becomes to much of a problem you may need to take your piercing out.

The Sea salt soak is designed to remove all of the debris that accumulates around the wound and on the jewelry. If there is no bacteria food then the bacteria cannot feed and multiply. If the bacteria cannot multiply then there will not be a sufficient quantity of bacteria to start an infection. Real simple!

Hope that helps and have a nice day






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