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Tommy T's is a  professional body piercing establishment that believes in a clean, sanitary, comfortable, and  laid back atmosphere. Bring your friends to help you pick out the body jewelry you want!

We take the safety and comfort of our customers seriously, explain our piercing procedures. We also provide instruction for proper aftercare. We're here to make sure you love your body jewelry.

For your safety we follow ALL THE RULES !!

Our staff is here to answer all your questions.

Find out why Tommy T's is the real deal.


* to be pierced in a scrupulously hygienic, open environment, by a clean, conscientious piercer.

* to a friendly, calm and knowledgeable piercer, who will guide YOU through their piercing experience with confidence and assurance.

* to the peace of mind which comes from knowing that their piercer knows and practices the very highest standards of sterilization and hygiene.

* to be pierced with MEDICAL IMPLANT GRADE JEWELRY AND A completely sterilized needle, which is immediately disposed of in a medical sharps container after use on the piercee alone. *the jewelry should also be sterilized as well as all other instruments

* to be touched only with freshly sterilized, appropriate implement properly used and disposed of or resterilized in an autoclave prior to use on anyone else.

* to know that ear piercing guns are NEVER appropriate, and often dangerous, when used on anything other than ear lobes.  *(we do not feel that even ear lobes should be pierced with a gun)

* to be fitted only with jewelry which is appropriately sized, safe material, design, and construction, and which best promotes healing. Gold filled, and sterling silver are inappropriate, and should never be worn in piercings.

* to be fully informed about proper aftercare, and to have continued access to their piercer for consultation and assistance with all their piercing related questions.


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