Amanda's Hood Piercing

So Jennifer was mentioning Amanda gets alot of attention. She's gonna get more attention after her Hood Piercing!

Always use a piercer that is approved by the Association of Professional piercers. 


If you have to ask to see a new needle you should probably go back home and do some research. People can buy needles from the internet that are stamped "sterile".  That means nothing.


All of the Tattoo parlors in this area use the same quality  jewelry that you buy at the swap meet. The alloys are Industrial Surgical steel intended for industrial use not Body Piercings.


The Tattoo parlors in this area pay on average 20 cents to a dollar for the jewelry they pierce you with. 


Some parlors are using G-23 Titanium.  Only Medical Grade 6al4v eli astm f-136 Titanium is suitable for Body Piercings.


For info on Body Piercing  go to 


It is financially impossible to sterilize, keep records and follow safe practices for 20 bucks a piercing.  


Everbody is sensative to alloys. The more you put a reactive alloy in you the higher the risk for rejecting a hip replacement in your old age.

Humans have alergic reactions to alloys.  Everytime you are exposed to an alergic substance you become more alergic to it.


Tommy T opened orange county's first Body Piercing Studio in October of 1991 right here in Huntington Beach  



Skin has 3 layers. It takes up to 1 year for all three layers to fully recover or heal.


Hep C can stay alive on a piercers counter  top for up to 30 days.  


90% of all Piercing and Tattoo parlors do not have written cleaning schedules. 



Tattoo and Piercing parlours are required by law to keep some records for 30 years.  


Piercing workstations require a hand washing sink within 4 ft of the piercing table. 


Cross contamination and exposure to pathogens occurs when the piercer alloys people other than the person being pierced inside the procedure room.  

Last year there were over 1/4 million cases of MRSA in the untited states. 


Autoclaves malfuntion all the time. Most Tattoo parlors and Piercing parlors do not use control pouches to assure complete sterilization













Here you will see the unique training expertise and  high standard of quality at Tommy T's Body Piercing


  Always keep medical Grade Jewelry in permanently



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