Mystica got her marilyn pierced in Las Vegas, the capital of bad decisions. She came in as soon as she got back because she knew there was something not right about her new piercing....




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 what Mystica looked like when she came in

That is one irritated peircing!That's definitely not normal..

Externally threaded labret piece...VERY BAD there's a nice piece 


  Mystica before her new fabulous jewelry


Mystica had in the Industrial Grade Surgical Steel and not the Medical Grade Surgical Steel. You can see the externally threaded labret piece in the pictures on the left. Notice how it is not polished whatsoever. If it looks that cheap, do not even consider piercing yourself with that jewelry, especially if it is externally threaded. Her skin was very irritated and swollen because of the piece she had in her. She was very unhappy with the soreness as well as how huge the piece of jewelry is. Size is very important when it comes to girls and jewelry, and if you're going to have a gemstone be that big, make sure it at least looks fabulous! But not to fear..Mystica got her beautiful new jewelry, with a smaller gemstone and the best internally threaded Medical Grade Surgical Steel labret piece for her marilyn. Another crisis averted...   


The American Society of Testing and Materials says this metal is for nuts, bolts and screws. Who am I to argue with them?

Most people spend more time picking out a pet than picking out a trained tattoo artist or body piercer.

  Always keep medical Grade Jewelry in permanently


        Very subtle but still noticeable...the perfect sized piece for Mystica!


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